Learn How To Boost Your Immune System: 15 Family Friendly Food Ideas

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Eating certain foods may help boost your immune system.

Your immune system is a remarkable and complex defense mechanism that helps to ward off viruses and infections on a daily basis. Sometimes, a germ gets through that complex system and when successful, makes us sick. There are many unanswered questions as to how the immune system works, but we do know that it functions better when we are generally more healthy; getting adequate rest, exercise and nutrition. 

Every part of your body runs better when supported by a healthy lifestyle. So, what can we do to bolster our immune system for when we are exposed to a germ. 

Regular exercise, adequate sleep and recovery are pillars of good health. But walk into any pharmacy and you will find a dizzying array of “immune boosting” supplements.

Do they work? Maybe. 

How about we look at our diet.. We do know that your immune system depends on adequate nourishment to do its job and depriving it of essential nutrients can make you more susceptible to getting sick.  For example, deficiencies in zinc, iron, folic acid and vitamins A, B6, C and E has shown an altered immune response in studies. 

To support a healthy lifestyle, you may want to get in the habit of including nutrient dense foods that also help to boost the immune system. So, I made a quick list of simple foods that pack a nutritious punch and can help support a stronger immune system. Does this mean you cannot get sick if you eat all the best foods? No, not necessarily, but giving your immune system the best fighting chance will certainly help.

Here are my top 17 foods that can help support a strong immune system.

  1. Berries: Vitamin C and antioxidants.
  1. Yogurt (low or no sugar): Probiotics for gut health
  2. Salmon – Omega 3 fatty acids, for reducing inflammation
  1. Eggs: Vitamin D, selenium and B vitamins
  2. Broccoli: Vitamins C, A and E.
  1. Spinach: Vitamins – A,E,C and K, folate, manganese, zinc, selenium and iron
  1. Sweet potatoes: Beta carotene, vitamin C
  1. Sunflower seeds: Phosphorus, Manganese, Vitamins B6 and E.
  1. Oats: Beta glucans for natural killer cells.
  1. Walnuts: Omega 3 fatty acids for anti-inflammatory effect.
  1. Purified or filtered water: Your body needs to be hydrated for the best immune function.
  1. Green Tea: Flavonoids, EGCH, L-theanine.
  1. Kiwi: Folate, potassium, vitamin K, vitamin C
  1. Poultry: Vitamin B6, broth contains gelatin, chondroitin for gut health.
  1. Shellfish: Zinc (Oysters, crab, lobster, mussels).

Looking for ways to get these nutritious foods into a healthy diet? Check out my Recipe book, containing 17 Family Friendly Foods That Can Help Boost The Immune System


This site contains affiliate links. Click here to read my disclosure policy.


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